Ad Pruner

Prune ads with our VPN

A fast and easy solution to block ads on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone), whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Increased privacy

By pruning ads, you limit the data sent to advertisers. In addition, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will no longer know your DNS queries as that traffic is now encrypted.

Save bandwidth

Since ads are not loaded, your device will consume less bandwidth. Additionally, the removal of unwanted content will speed up your device and reduce battery usage.

No censorship

Many governments request ISPs to block access to certain websites at the DNS level. By using our VPN you will bypass those restrictions.




  • 1 day trial access
  • 2 locations (Europe, US)
  • Email support



  • 365 days access
  • 2 locations (Europe, US)
  • Priority email support

Custom setup


  • Installation of the VPN and DNS software on your own server
  • Priority chat support
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Frequently asked questions

Which devices are supported?

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS are all supported by the VPN protocol, OpenVPN.

Why are some ads still appearing?

Ads are blocked at the DNS level, with a list of bad domains and subdomains. Since browser extensions like uBlock Origin can inspect requests at the HTTP level, they are more effective, so we recommend combining both approaches.

How is my internet speed affected?

As only DNS traffic is routed through the VPN, it should not slow down your internet. In addition, since ads are not loaded, your device should consume less bandwidth and battery.

Will my IP address be hidden, so I can access Netflix?

Your IP address will not be hidden by the VPN, so you will not be able to bypass certain geo-restrictions.

Do you keep connection or dns logs?

We respect your privacy, we do not keep logs to inspect your VPN traffic.

How does the free trial work?

You sign up for an account, no credit card required and have 1 day to try the product.

Would Loki use this?

Our saviour Loki would certainly prune some ads with this glorious product.